Nature walk at Ravenshoe Millstream Country Club inc

Enjoy your walk around the grounds. As you reach an area, click on the icon to see some of the detail and the interesting parts that we have found.

Nature walk at Ravenshoe Millstream Country Club inc
The clubhouse Moth on a Gadagi tree Rifle grenade practice range The birds and the bees Animals at the club The camping area The pump house Water storage - Dam and Tank Sensitive Weed Living at the top of the fairway Dave's Tree wood Wedge shot The log lounge at the 9th Tee Posing for the tee shot Life on the dam Dingo (juvenile) Video This is a juvenile dingo that was observed on the course late morning. These are seen occasionally on the course in single or as a family Plants and trees

Moth on a Gadagi tree

This moth was sighted near the practice nets at the golf course.

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Rifle grenade practice range

WWII - The training ground for rifle grenades - Piat Bomb 

See the original surveyors map (1991)

29/7/1991 The rifle grenade range was searched and cleared (90%) of WWII ordinance.

On Fairway 8 a" 'Piat bomb' fuzetip was found plus 18 x base plates from rifle grenades.

It is estimated that 2 X cases of grenades were launched from this location.

The fairway forms the coverage over the hand grenade practice area.

Read the History of the Atherton table lands during WWII when approximately 1000 troops used it for training

The camping area

The camping area consists of six (6) powered sites with town water connection
Each site has a 6 m X 3 m concrete slab for the annexe.

An area on each site is provided for a tow vehicle to be parked.

There are unpowered site available with access to toilets and shower.

The log lounge at the 9th Tee

The 'Log Lounge' was built to replace a 'weathered' seat provided for golfers waiting on the Tee for others to move out of range before starting their Tee shot.

During a cleanup of the area which involved the felling of dead trees to remove risks of injury to golfers and workers alike, the concept of forming a 'rustic' seat to replace the aged seating, was formed. The 'lounge' consists of a tree stump modified to support one end of the 'lounge' whilst another cut section is used to form the support for the other end.

We consider this a true recycling of natural products.

Posing for the tee shot

Kangaroos are common on the course with often small mobs of 15 to 30 'roos present to witness a golf shot.

Occasionally we get the opportunity to capture a candid image.  This image needs very little imagination to caption it.

Something like

'I think a gentle 5 wood will do'

or maybe.

'Hurry up!!! I'm impatient'

Photo courtesy - Reg Dwyer

Life on the dam

The dams form a welcome and safe place to raise chicks. These Black ducks visit each year and raise their clutches of chicks on the dams and roaming the golf course areas.

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