Water Storage – Dam and Tanks

Water catchment dam capacity when built 1.5 million litres.

This has been reduced over time by silting and weed growth.

Located in the approximate centre of the dam can be seen the float to which the pump foot valve is connected.
There are no yabbies in the dam
The water storage tank is connected by a flexible 100 mm pipe to the pump shed.

Members of the club purchased the tank second hand, transported it in pieces to the club’s gounds and re-erected it to form storage for sprinkler system water. Prior to this, the water was pumped directly from the dam to the sprinklers.

By storing the water in this manner, some security from dry spels can be gained and importantly, the silt from the dam can be allowed to settle out, prior to being pumped through the sprinklers resulting in a significant reduction in maintenance and blockages of the sprinklers.
The interior of the pump shed contains two pumps and electrical controllers.

The pump on the left is the main sprinkler pump (415 Volt)
And the vertical blue pump is a jacking (jockey) pump to draw water from the dam to fill the water tanks. (415 Volt).

Water Storage – Dam and Tanks